Southern charms shoot

Joe'l also shoots for southern charms.  These shoots are absolutely not considered for TFP due to the nature of these shoots.  Nudity is a requirement for this site and are often more risque then the general artistic nudes.  Amateur photographers are welcomed as long as fee is paid.  Fee to shoot for the Southern Charms website is 200.00 and must be paid via the paypal button below.  The requirements for this shoot is atleast 20 great images.
5 of these images must be implied, partial, or no nudity (such as a head shot) and at least 15 nudes.  These images maybe slightly erotic but for the model's preference no pornography or sex acts are allowed.  This includes anything that would seem like a sex act.  So if you would like your work featured on Southern Charms simply pay the fee and fill out the form and you are on your way. Fill out the form on the book a shoot page and visit the appointment page and select southern charms to officially book your southern charm shoot.



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Regular Artistic Nudes:  Select a regular artistic nude shoot to book Joe'l.  150.00 covers the model fee.  This does not include any travel.  This is just the model fee to book her for the nudes.  This is a day and not an hourly rate.

Southern Charms Shoot: This shoot is more since it is slightly more erotic.  No sex acts simulated or pornography permited.  The requirement is at least 20 good images.  5 implied or non nudes or head head shots and 15 nudes.  So if you would like your work published on southern charms and you like to shoot erotica then book this shoot and the 200 fee is for a day and once again does not cover any out of state travel for the model.

Get your work Published in a photo book.  If you would like to shoot Joe'l for several project ideas to be published the fee is 200. 127 images will be chosen and published in the book. Photographer will receive ten copies of the book complete with the upc code to resell for for a minium of 25.00 to make the 200 back.  After the first ten is received more can be purchased at whole sale to resell for a profit.  They can be placed on sites like or ebay or your own personal site or online store.







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The Dark side of the Moon
- 127 Black and white photos featuring the beautiful female body.  These images are artistically done and are unphotoshopped and pay tribute to the art of the female body. 







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